Joe Lowry

Big Mellow Taxi

Her name was Farzaneh* and she popped up on my phone screen, pink hijab and rating of 4.7.  

Time for Action: New Initiative Strengthens Fight Against Migrant Smuggling

Yesterday in Vienna, IOM, the United Nations Migration Agency and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) launched a joint platform on countering migrant smuggling.

Ireland Shakes to Afro-Shamrock Hip Hop!

St Patrick was Migrant. More than that, Ireland’s patron saint, whose feast day is celebrated across the world today was a victim of trafficking, kidnapped from France and brought to Ireland as a slave, where he tended sheep on a lonely mountain.

Let Us Go Then, You and I, When the Evening is Spread Out Against the Sky

Thailand - A week from now I will be migrating, writes Joe Lowry, IOM’s new Senior Media & Communications Officer for South Eastern & Eastern Europe.

All the Leaves are Gone…

Vanuatu - Vanuatu, sitting in the heart of the South Pacific, is known as a tropical paradise; a string of lush, verdant islands lapped by sapphire seas. Now it’s a wasteland, smashed beyond recognition by Cyclone Pam which roared over the island nation on Friday 13th.  


Pamela: Child of the Cyclone


Somewhere, out on the Pacific swell, a dot in the ocean off the shores of storm-lashed Vanuatu, there is a fishing boat. And on it, is a man who doesn’t yet know he’s a father.


Vietnamese Migrant Wins Pulitzer for Debut Book

Viet Thanh Nguyen's maiden novel, “The Sympathiser,” set in Vietnam and the United States – barely noticed by the lit crits – highly impressed the  Pulitzer judges who called it the story of “a man of two minds and two countries”.

Processing the Bali Process

Four years ago, I had no idea what the Bali Process was.

Jobs for the Bots

What’s the biggest threat to your job security? A migrant from a developing country who will work for less than you? Or that smart intern, wowing your boss? 

Talking About Our Generations

"“When I get older, losing my hair, many years from now”… Paul McCartney may not have lost his hair, but he’s certainly well past the milestone of 64 that he sang about back in the 1960s.

Rice, Fish and El Niño: A recipe for disaster?

By Joe Lowry

Fish and rice. It’s a staple dish found on every street corner across Asia and the Pacific. From Biriyani to Kung Pao, from Kao Tom Pla to Nasi Goreng, from the underground Fijian Lovo ovens to Tandoori pots across South Asia, the region marches on a stomach filled with fish and rice.

Vanuatu: One Month After Cyclone Pam

One month ago Cyclone Pam tore across the tiny Pacific nation of Vanuatu, ripping up houses and trees, and destroying food stocks and crops. IOM was among the first responders, deploying a surge team made up of staff from Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, the Philippines and the Regional Office in Bangkok.