Kensuke Matsueda

Future Beyond Migration

By Kensuke Matsueda

“What are your feelings about youth migration?” My colleague and I asked this quick question randomly to some Nepalese people who joined the celebration event for the International Youth Day 2013, which was held under the theme of ‘Youth Migration and Development’ in Kathmandu, Nepal in August. For this stab, I prepared the flip cards with twenty key words such as ‘empowerment’ ‘change’ and ‘choice,’ which could probably reflect one’s idea and feeling about youth migration.

Beauty or the Beast

By Kensuke Matsueda

7.00 am. It was a lovely sunny day in the monsoon season. The sun was slowly rising in the blue sky above the old city of Kathmandu in Nepal. The orangish old Newari temples were modestly glittering. Some people were quickly commuting to school and work in town, while others were busily buying vegetables and fruits for breakfast in the local market. In such a perfectly usual morning scene, a woman standing next to me whispered one word, “Scary...”

What Would Lady Gaga Do?

By Ken Matsueda

Facebook is really difficult. To be more exact, I didn’t realise that managing Facebook page is that difficult and energy-consuming until the moment I launched and started to update IOM Nepal’s new Facebook page.