Leonard Doyle

‘Take Back Control of Immigration’ Rallying Cry for Leavers

The catchphrase “Take Back Control” which turbocharged the "Brexit" campaign for Britain to leave the EU brilliantly exploited an anxious nation’s concerns about sovereignty and change in an encroaching multicultural world.

‘Climate of Xenophobia’ Grips Europe on World Refugee Day

As more details indicate the killing of British MP Jo Cox was motivated by her position on migrants and refugees,  the United Nations is stepping up its campaign against the "climate of xenophobia" gripping Europe.

In the Philippines, a relief effort of giant proportions and fiendishly complicated logistics is under way

Aerial view of the devastated city of Tacloban. © IOM 2013 (Photo by Conrad Navidad)

By Leonard Doyle

With banner headlines already decrying the slow pace of aid in the Philippines, there was palpable relief when, at a packed briefing for aid agencies, it was announced that piped water had been restored in Tacloban, the city brought to its knees by Typhoon Haiyan.

One Small Thing Can Make a Big Difference

By Leonard Doyle

Brilliantly encapsulating what it is to be a humanitarian aid worker, Matt Bowlby of IOM Haiti describes his daily rounds of a displacement camp thus: "You’re here to do one small thing that’s going to make a big difference."

In that short and pithy phrase, delivered as he bantered in creole with residents still displaced by the earthquake of three years ago, he summed up what keeps so many humanitarian aid workers returning to work in the often dangerous conditions of emergencies. In the film Matt and Magdala Michelle Jean-Pierre talk about the rewards and challenges of humanitarian work in Haiti.

19 August was World Humanitarian Day a month long initiative that invites you to sponsor a word and turn your voice to help millions of people worldwide affected by disasters. IOM and United Nations ask supporters to complete the sentence: The world needs more…

Eyewitness to Unspeakable Abuse

By Leonard Doyle

The fate of eighty thousand Ethiopians who risk their lives every year trying to get to Saudi Arabia and the promise of a better life has been put in vivid focus by a report on Newsnight, BBC television’s flagship news programme. The disturbing report highlights the remarkable humanitarian work of IOM staff caring for the traumatised migrants.   

Data Becomes Eclectic

By Leonard Doyle

The world of migration is awash with data, but if it is to mean anything to the average reader it must be organized and presented in a useful way. Here we present an animated infographic of the extraordinary movement of Filipino workers abroad and the remittances they send home which are helping their country develop at a great clip. 

IOM's approach to data is to use visual representations that allow the audience to see the unexpected. Our animated infographics are designed to be shared as much as possible, whether on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or simply by email. Please pass it around and be part of the data sharing movement.


A Very Tall Order for Action

By Leonard Doyle

“Nearly a billion people rely on migration as the best way to increase their personal liberty and to improve health, education, and economic outcomes for their families. If the right policies are put in place, there is clear evidence that states can magnify these positive outcomes, while also generating significant financial and social gains for countries of origin and destination.”

That, in a nutshell, is what Peter Sutherland, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Migration says is at stake in October of this year, when for only the second time in its history, the UN General Assembly will focus on international migration. If it is to succeed, Sutherland says, the summit must generate action on how to reduce the economic and human costs of migration. It also must determine how states and other stakeholders can deepen their cooperation in solving migration-related problems—“all while avoiding the political axe-grinding typical of most migration debates.”

These are nuanced words from a seasoned public figure and they reward careful reading. As Sutherland points out in his article in the just published Migration Policy and Practice for June 2013, migration is one of the hot button issue of international diplomacy.

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O Superman

By Leonard Doyle

TO everything there is a season. Just as immigration reform is back on the agenda in the US, along comes the new Superman blockbuster “Man of Steel,” where the underlying theme is that of the immigrant experience. Not to put too fine a point on it, this movie frames the experience of migration in the most positive way possible and serves to remind how much migrants contribute, both to their adopted societies and countries of origin.

Crossing Continents

By Leonard Doyle

TRAVELING by foot, National Geographic writer Paul Salopek is recreating the epic journey of humankind starting at its birthplace in Ethiopia and ending at the southern tip of South America. He walked in the scorching heat of the deserts of Ethiopia’s Rift Valley across the broiling barren landscape of Djibouti to the Red Sea coast. Stranded for weeks. There he encountered IOM's Chief of Mission Bakary Doumbia and a fascinating conversation ensued, much of it on Twitter after Paul moved on to Saudi Arabia.

A Mapping Revolution...

By Leonard Doyle

WOULD you like to know about an innovative high-tech initiative to help vulnerable communities build resilience, ahead of the coming hurricane/typhoon season, by using low-tech solutions? If so, read on.

Far Flung Citizens of the World to Young Literary Stars

By Leonard Doyle

WHEN the London-based literary magazine Granta named 20 "Best of Young British Novelists" this week, it caused a sharp intake of breath among the chatterati, as the columnists, talk show hosts and self-appointed pundits are known.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg: Migration Makes Us All Richer

By Leonard Doyle

Photo courtesy of of Mashable.com.

As endorsements go, having Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg tell the world about the vital contribution of migration to our economic well-being is hard to top.