Leonard Doyle

Brothers in Bondage, Burdened by Debt

By Leonard Doyle

EVERY day, these young brothers make several grueling trips down the steep slopes of the Himalayas, delivering stones almost as big as themselves from higher up in the mountains.

CBS News' "60 Minutes" features IOM’s work in Sudan

By Leonard Doyle

THE LOST Boys (and Girls) of Sudan were named after Peter Pan's posse of orphans. But the 1,000 mile odyssey the ragged, bone-thin refugees endured while shuttling over five years from Sudan to Ethiopia, back to Sudan and finally to Kenya was no fairy tale.

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

By Leonard Doyle

WHEN migration hits the news, the outcome is often unnerving. The way the subject is handled by journalists can be either inflammatory or reassuring and is all too often the former.

When Migrants are Seen as a Blessing not a Scourge

By Leonard Doyle

Lets face it, "migration is the original strategy for people seeking to escape poverty, mitigate risk, and build a better life. It has been with us since the dawn of mankind, and its economic impact today is massive."

That these words were published on the eve of St Patrick's Day, by an Irishman - a country with a long track record in migration - is not a surprise. Sutherland's words resonate in today's globalised world because migrants’ remittances are literally pulling the economies of countries of origin up by their bootstraps.

Humanitarian Aid, with Alphabet Soup on the Side

By Leonard Doyle

DO you ever wonder what happens to those left behind in an emergency once the heart throbs of the media circus, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and his Al Jazeera and BBC clones, move to the next crisis? 

Last Night A Smartphone Saved My Life

By Leonard Doyle

Social media enthusiasts love making annoying, unverifiable claims about their tweets, likes and follows. The biggest offenders have a peculiarly anti-social tic of looking down at their smartphones rather than looking you in the eye.

"Schools Out for Summer"

By Leonard Doyle

Do you know that education for internally displaced people is an inherent human right? I'm not sure Alice Cooper, the outrageous American rocker behind "Schools Out" did. In fact international law dictates that it should be available to all IDPs without exception.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Oscars

By Leonard Doyle

“I am overwhelmed. I am overwhelmed. I would like to thank the Academy for inviting me here tonight. I am honored, honored to be here with … my immigrant mom and dad.” That was Renée Zellweger, accepting her Oscar for best supporting actress in Cold Mountain.