Matthew Graydon

An Afghan Family Returns from Pakistan, Struggles to Build a New Life

Afghanistan - Walking into the narrow, cramped courtyard of Shamsur Rahman’s home in Jalalabad city, it is difficult to imagine that his family of ten can live there.

“It happened so suddenly”

By Matthew Graydon

Pappu Tamang (being interviewed by IOM staff in the attached photo) was at home cooking on Saturday, when his house began shaking violently. “It happened so suddenly,” said Pappu. “My family and I immediately ran outside, but I remembered to stop and turn off the gas, thankfully.” Pappu hasn’t been back to his home since. He is now one of the thousands of Nepalese living in makeshift tents throughout the capital Kathmandu.

Painted Trucks, Pomegranates and People at Afghan-Pakistan Zero Point

By Matthew Graydon
IOM Afghanistan


The Torkham border between Afghanistan and Pakistan is chaotic, crowded and dusty, but it is a vital lifeline between the two countries. Nearly twelve thousand people cross the border every day, going to Pakistan to work, study, seek medical treatment or visit family. Lines of colorfully painted trucks bring goods from Pakistan and the rest of the world to landlocked Afghanistan, and carry Afghan pomegranates, nuts and other exports.