Niurka Pineiro

Heroes Wanted (Bright Tights Optional)

By Niurka Piñeiro, IOM Washington 

“Immigrants have fascinating powers,” the words of Dulce Pinzón, a Mexican artist who created the Migrant Superheroes Project which tells the pictorial story of Hispanic migrants in the United States who anonymously toil each day, doing work that many of us no longer want to do. 

​And so where are these tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands – in fact millions – of migrant heroes?  IOM wants to find them and pay homage to them, for without migrants, the wheels would stop turning. 

Hell Ride in a Truck: Sandra’s Story

Sandra tells in graphic, gruesome detail some of the pain and degradation that a migrant who’s desperate to start a new life somewhere has to undergo. It’s more painful to see these images in one’s mind than the scenes we see in the movies because these weren’t based on a true story. This is the true story.

IOM Goes to Hollywood

A photo from one of The Good Lie scenes. © 2014 Warner Bros Ent. © 2014 Alcon Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

By Niurka Pineiro

The Good Lie, Starring Academy Award Winner Reese Witherspoon, Hits Theaters in the United States on October 3rd.

‘Miracles are made by people who refuse to stop believing’, a line I’ve borrowed from the Good Lie’s website, but which could certainly be mine and undoubtedly my parents’.

The Beast That Turns Dreams Into Nightmares

By Niurka Piñeiro, IOM Washington DC

José Luis Hernandez was just 19 years old when he lost a leg, an arm and four fingers of the other hand after falling off of La Bestia, or the Beast, as Central American migrants aptly named the train that leaves the southern Mexican city of Arriaga and travels north to Reynosa, just across the border from McAllen, Texas.