Pindie Stephen

States Talk about Integration but are They Ready to Act?

Increasingly populist leaders portray migrants as a burden at best or at worst as a threat.

A Personal Reflection on The Lost Boys and the Film - The Good Lie


By Pindie Stephen

Several months ago I was invited to attend a private showing of The Good Lie, a film that Hollywood would be releasing to the public on October 5th. The film held special significance for those of us who had worked with this remarkable group of mostly orphaned refugees in the late 1990s and early 2000s.   Half a dozen of us piled into the IOM van and headed downtown, across the river, to an exclusive movie house in Geneva’s posh Rive Gauche district. 

Reflections on the Sudanese Lost Boys

By Pindie Stephen

PICTURE the scene:  Representatives from  IOM, UNHCR, JVA (Church World Service) and the US  Embassy sitting around a conference table on the second floor of a relatively spacious two-story converted home which served as the offices for Church World Services at the time. Here we sparred; our team -- IOM Medical, Cultural Orientation, and Operations staff – and our partners in crime – all engaged in one of the regular resettlement coordination pow wows held every month in Nairobi.