AVRR Online: A Web-based Application for Submission and Management of Voluntary Return and Reintegration Requests from Belgium

The AVRR Online application is a fully functional web-based platform created for a variety of stakeholders involved in the Voluntary Return and Reintegration Programme managed by Fedasil, a Belgian federal agency responsible for the reception of asylum seekers. The tool replaces a long-standing paper-flow process by making electronic submission and management of return and reintegration applications possible.

In 2012, Saturized – The Interactive Agency, began the development of AVRR Online starting with the creation of a clickable proof of concept sketching the application’s architecture. The first development cycle has been completed. IOM Belgium is currently testing the application with a selected panel of end users to validate and eventually prepare for a second development cycle. 

AVRR Online is a modular application that allows for multidisciplinary collaboration among different types of stakeholders. NGOs, government and intergovernmental actors are set to use this tool to cover the case management of AVRR applications from Belgium – a paper flow process which has hardly changed since the creation of the programme in 1984.




Essentially, AVRR Online allows for: 

  • easy submission of electronic return and reintegration files; 
  • electronic management of cases; 
  • centralization of electronic resources;
  • usage of personal contacts module;
  • consultation of programme partners’ contact details; 
  • utilization of interactive notifications, tasks, and comments section for ease of case management (thus replacing a part of the email functions); and
  • generation of real-time statistics on corresponding caseloads in a user-friendly manner.

Notably, the application does not only aim to be a single point of data-entry – where similar data is introduced to accelerate the process, increase efficiency, and reduce error. It also allows for increased monitoring by staff, external counterparts, and donors as it provides accessible, real-time feedback before departure, and can include detailed feedback on the reintegration projects that returnees put in place.

Lastly, the development of a data connector linking AVRR Online and MiMOSA to eliminate double data-entry, increase efficiency, and allow for augmented productivity, has been investigated and is feasible to deploy with a relatively limited budget and timeframe pending the final decision of the donor on the use of AVRR Online.

For more information regarding AVRR Online, please contact Morgane WINDAL at mwindal@iom.int, of IOM Brussels.