Focus on Mongolia: When Dzuds Force Migration

By Daria Mokhnacheva, Mark Koski, with Joshua Hart

Mongolia, the 2013 Global Host of World Environment Day, suffers from severe environmental effects from repeated 'dzuds' (complex natural disasters involving summer drought followed by harsh winters with extreme temperatures and heavy snowfall). IOM invited photographer Alessandro Grassani to showcase his work on environmental migration titled 'Environmental Migrants: The Last Illusion'. Alessandro has worked in Mongolia documenting the environmental stresses on the rural Mongolians and the impact on their livelihoods.

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Migration Takes a Bow at Cannes Film Festival

by Kaye Viray (and Agence France Presse)

LAST week’s Cannes Film Festival was an eye-opener for the way migration is now a major theme of our times. 

Films now regularly depict people setting off for a new country, bearing little more than dreams of a better life. But behind the romance of every film touching on migration comes the reality that so many of those moving from their homelands soon discover that reality is not as rose-tinted as they imagined it might be. Many face the perils of trafficking, exploitation, aching loneliness and rootlessness. All of this is grist to the film industry's mill.