World Humanitarian Day 2014

2014 Humanitarian Hero Amy Rhoades

"Stand up, let us unite. Because in unity, we are stronger!"

2014 Humanitarian Hero Sheiknoor Hassan

“As a humanitarian aid worker, I feel rewarded when I can reach out to disaster affected communities and bring a smile on the faces of the people in need.”

2014 Humanitarian Hero Rentsendorj Oyunbileg

“I love to be an officer of IOM, because part of my job focuses on humanitarian activities.”

2014 Humanitarian Hero Shanghini Shanmugananthan

“When you meet someone you have assisted somewhere and hear they are doing very well and it is because of the help your organization and you that he/she is able to get their life back on track, to me that is the most rewarding part of my work.”

2014 Humanitarian Hero Sandra Black

"I develop a connection with the individuals whom I interview and photograph. Several have since chosen to leave the country. I hope that they are safe and have been able to improve their situation."