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The next generation of Ban Ki-Moons

Intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) have been flocking to the Republic of Korea (ROK), thanks to the incumbent government’s policies. Seoul declared last March that it will host 50 intergovernmental organizations until 2020. Incheon, the third largest city in Korea, has established G-Tower in Songdo district, purely to host intergovernmental organizations. Songdo district hosted the Green Climate Fund and the World Bank last December. Considering most of the organizations are headquartered in Europe or America, Korea is doing very well.


Breaking on the Border

When you’re surrounded by the intensity and emotion of a live disaster situation it’s surprisingly easy to switch into a robotic state, where the hubbub, the hazards and the humanity blur into the background. Yes you are aware of the clamour, the heat, the smells but it seems to fade and retreat, so that it’s a movie screen wrapped around you, and you are performing one task, giving it your all, but disconnected from the cacophony.


IOM takes strides on gender

In 1963, Merry Lepper was the first woman who set a world record in the marathon with a time of 3:37:07, the same year Leonard Graves Edelen set a world record of 2:14:28. The difference of speed between the fastest man and women was 1 hour and 23 minutes. Today, the current world record difference is 12 minutes.  The question we have to ask is, what happened in the last 50 years that reduced this gap?