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Somali Diaspora Help Nation to Fend Off Famine

Ahmed is a Somali diaspora medical nurse from Finland, currently working in Somaliland. For him, his hometown is just as much in Finland as it is in Somalia, as he grew up and did his studies in Helsinki. Originally planning to be a civil engineer, his career path took a different turn when he decided that he wanted to be able to directly help people.

“In a way, it felt like I had a calling to be a nurse. I really couldn’t describe it any other way,” he explains. The transition was not easy but he was more than glad once he started working as a nurse.

A Reflection of Progress

The world’s experience with globalisation — the widespread transfer of peoples, technologies and cultures — did not begin in our time. Scholars argue that it dates back to 1492, when European migration, together with movements of Asians, Africans and Native Americans, forged the global relationships that help shape life to this day.