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Humanitarian Emergencies are Hard but the Work is Worth it – IOM Uganda Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Engineer

Peter Nzabanita is a Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Specialist with IOM, the UN Migration Agency, in Uganda. A father of a boy and two little girls, Peter has had to get used to being away from his family for long periods of time while overseeing work in Uganda’s refugee settlements hundreds of kilometres from their home.

Dispatch from Ghardaïa: Meeting Bintu at the ‘Door to the Desert’

The buses left Algiers almost a day ago. Although the buses are comfortable, it has been a long day on the road for everyone. 

It is late June, and the convoy has arrived in Ghardaïa, northern-central Algeria – the door to the desert. As a member of an official delegation, I have come to visit and collect information about the transit facility in Ghardaïa, and the services provided to the migrants headed south.  There is media attention on this official visit. 

Freeing Migration from Populist Myths: Geneva Hosts Public Debate about Modern Migration

Following a tragic week, during which at least 148 migrants lost their lives in two separate sea incidents off the coasts of Tunisia and Yemen, IOM Deputy Director General Ambassador Laura Thompson participated in the public debate “Migration, from Global to Local” where she discussed the challenges of managing one of the most important phenomena of our times: migration.