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Jobs for the Bots

What’s the biggest threat to your job security? A migrant from a developing country who will work for less than you? Or that smart intern, wowing your boss? 

Have you ever considered that a robot could do your job? Bright and shiny, with perfect manners, and unlike an intern won’t want a paycheck after six months?

World Braille Day Celebrated at IOM Rehabilitated Waaberi Multipurpose Ground

The collapse of the Siad Barre regime and ensuing conflict which engulfed Somalia left much of the public infrastructure in Mogadishu in ruins.  In Waaberi District, the lack of multipurpose grounds where the community could meet worsened community relations. To enhance intra and inter-district relations and public confidence in the government, IOM supported the rehabilitation of the Waaberi District multipurpose ground. The works were completed in August 2011 and since then the ground has been used to host many community events.