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A Time To Forgive: Geneva Peace Week 2015

The 2nd Geneva Peace Week will be held from 16-20 November. The event highlights the fact that everyone – institutions and individuals - has a role to play in peacebuilding and resolving conflict. The week also focuses on substantive and original contributions to diverse peace processes around the world.

IOM is organizing a side event around an exhibit at 6.00 pm on Monday 16th November at the United Nations in Geneva. “A Time to Forgive” will examine the role of forgiveness in crisis resolution.

Youth Forum Debates Critical Issues in Adale District

Years of Al-Shabaab rule in Adale District, Middle Shabelle have left youth disengaged and with limited opportunities, increasing their vulnerability to violent extremism. In addition, youth who grew up during the conflict have a poor understanding of the importance of community relations and of the role of government institutions.

To strengthen peace and promote community engagement, IOM procured soccer shoes, socks, shin pads, shorts, t-shirts, balls and goal nets for 64 youth in Adale.