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IOM, National Aids Council Partner on Border Towns on HIV/AIDS Management in Zambia

Like many other countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Zambia is one of the countries seriously affected by the HIV pandemic.

According to the Demographic Health Survey (DHS), the country’s HIV prevalence currently stands at about 13 per cent,[i] with the 2013 Global AIDS Report indicating Zambia’s significant gains in the national response, and ranking Zambia as one of the top six countries in the world to record reduction in new HIV infections, especially in the prevention of Mother to Child (PMTC) transmission.

Jobs for the Bots

What’s the biggest threat to your job security? A migrant from a developing country who will work for less than you? Or that smart intern, wowing your boss? 

Have you ever considered that a robot could do your job? Bright and shiny, with perfect manners, and unlike an intern won’t want a paycheck after six months?