Bringing the Thunder

By Rosebell Kagumire

We are using the Thunderclap platform to amplify our message for World Humanitarian Day by tapping into the power of social media. It’s a powerful tool which many organizations have used, including the Obama White House and UNOCHA.  On the third anniversary of Syria’s pitiless conflict, UNRWA used it to demand humanitarian access for civilians, including countless children.  

The idea is to spread awareness of #MigrationMeans even further by harnessing the online presence of our supporters and their networks. To that end IOM has created a Thunderclap campaign which we invite you to support.  It’s open for participation and sharing beginning today (1 August) until World Humanitarian Day (19 August). At the close of the campaign, all our combined messages will be shared across the globe via social media at the same time which will help us introduce migration into the World Humanitarian Day conversation.

Here’s how Thunderclap works:

If we reach our goal of 250 supporters by 19 August 2014, Thunderclap will automatically send out a timed Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr post from all of our supporters to create one unified message.  All you have to do is click on the social media site you want to share this campaign to. We have the potential to reach thousands of people and we cannot achieve this without your support. Join the campaign through various social media accounts via this link