Gardo district is situated in the Bari region, where IOM built a borehole with the support from the African Development Bank (AfDB) in July 2019. The borehole now reaches 22,800 beneficiaries, providing 1,360 liters of water every month. As part of an effort to mitigate environmental degradation, a priority for the African Development Bank, IOM has begun planting trees around the rehabilitated borehole

Halimo Suleiman Abdi (62) is an elderly of a single-headed household, who is a native to Gardo and has watched IOM construct the Xorgable borehole in her village. She herds thirty goats and earn her living from selling their milk to her neighbors, and also receives support from her nephews. “The borehole has helped me and my goats to get water,” Halimo explained. “But my goats need plants to graze on, and shade to escape the heat during the day. I’m hopeful that the trees that are being planted will help us all. There is no life without trees; we depend on them for shade, shelter and beauty. They prevent droughts and flooding, as well as soil erosion which harms the grazing land for my goats.”

Halimo has noted an increase in heavy winds and soil erosion in Gardo in the recent years, and hopes that the newly planted trees will make the area more green. “The planting of trees by the African Development Bank and IOM is welcomed by the community,” said Halimo. “I would like to look after the trees so that they can grow safely.”