Smuggled to Nigeria, displaced by conflict, one woman’s journey across three Boko Haram affected countries

By Rania Yousif

Naoumi Edou, a 47 year-old widow is originally from Doba in Logone Orientale a region in the south of Chad.

In August 2013, in order to support her two daughters, Naoumi set out and moved to Baga Kawa, a town in northern Nigeria which borders Chad.

Her relocation from Chad to Nigeria was costly and dangerous. Naoumi sold her house and other belongings to pay smugglers who aided her crossing Lake Chad into Cameroon before finally reaching Baga Kawa.  


SITREP 8: Humanitarian Assistance to flood affected population in Chad February 6th to February 22nd

1. Reallocation site Darkawaye- Bongor

IOM CoM Qasim Sufi (top center) meets local authorities during the handing over ceremony.

After almost two months of joint work, IOM Chad and the Government of Mayo Boney concluded the reallocation of flood affected population living in the woods of Mayo Boney to the location of Darkawaye.

The preparations started in January 2013 when the local authorities of Mayo Boney Kebi Est allocated 450,000m2 of land to be occupied by the flood-affected population of Bongor. The municipality of Bongor took the initiative to carry out topographic studies and clear the plots to be placed at the disposal of the flood affected families. IOM Chad with support of funding from Germany constructed two wells to facilitate water acess upon the request of local authoritries.

IOM Chad launches project to mobilize the Chadian Diaspora

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) signed an agreement to facilitate the temporary return of highly qualified Chadian migrants fr