IOM Tajikistan Newsletter

IOM Supports the Border Control Knowledge Assessment Process

In the period from August to November 2014, IOM Tajikistan has carried out an assessment to determine the effectiveness of training programmes and identify knowledge gaps among Tajik and Afghan border crossing points’ personnel attending joint workshops on Humanitarian Border Management.

IOM Tajikistan Promotes Safety Route Model on International Migrants Day

Local authorities, Migration Service, Republican and local centres for the protection of population against TB joined the public events and roundtables for the International Migrants Day organized by IOM Tajikistan and cooperating NGO partners. The events were launched on 17 December and concluded on 19 December in Qurghon Teppa and Kulob southern cities of Tajikistan.

Roundtable to Discuss the Rights of Women and Children from Migrants’ Families

In November 2014 IOM Tajikistan conducted a series of half-day roundtables in Dushanbe, Tojikobod and Kulob to discuss the rights of women and children from migrants’ families. The events were organized within the framework of the two year-long projects funded by the Government of Norway and the European Union and implemented together with UN Women and Save the Children International.

Technical Meeting to Discuss the Engagement of Tajik Diaspora in Development

On November 18, IOM Tajikistan organized a technical meeting, which brought together an array of relevant sectors to discuss the engagement of diaspora in development as well as other issues pertaining to the regulation of migration processes.

IOM launches a country-wide campaign on International Migrants Day

In recognition of International Migrants Day, the IOM Mission in Tajikistan along with the relevant state ministries and committees, international and civil society partners in cooperation with local authorities, communities, universities, colleges, schools and mass media organized a series of public events in the capital and throughout Tajikistan.

IOM Humanitarian Border Management Programme continues in Tajikistan

During the period April–May 2014, IOM Tajikistan has delivered the 5th and 6th rounds of ten-day joint “Humanitarian Border Management” (HBM) workshops targeting 15 Tajik and 24 Afghan personnel of border crossing points of the two countries. The HBM Course took place at the Training Centres in Dushanbe and Khorog – the capital of Badakhshan Province of Tajikistan.

IOM Advocacy Campaign on the occasion of the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial

Started in 1983, the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial takes place every third Sunday in May and is led by a coalition of some 1,200 community organizations in 115 countries.

Round Tables on Improving Collaboration on TB Prevention among Migrants

Dushanbe, Tajikistan, 5 and 17 June 2014 – Deputy Heads of local governments, community leaders, the Head of a local TB Control Centre, IOM and PSI participated in two round tables organized within the framework of the USAID Dialogue on HIV and TB Project.

Project staff of the USAID Dialogue on HIV and TB Project visit Danghara as a Target District of the UNDP TB Control Project

Danghara, Tajikistan, 28 May 2014 - NGO “Farodis”, a sub-recipient of the GFATM TB grant, hosted IOM and staff of the USAID Dialogue on HIV and TB Project partners from Kulob and Qurghonteppa in Danghara.The visitors familiarized with objectives, main components, targeted indicators as well as roles and responsibilities within the GFATM-sponsored project.

IOM Tajikistan provides fuel to mudslide-affected areas

Norak, Tajikistan, 26 May 2014 – The IOM mission in Tajikistan successfully delivered 1500 litres of fuel to operate machines excavating debris in the town of Norak.

IOM Supports Tajikistan’s First National Forum of Compatriots

Dushanbe, Tajikistan, 25-26 June 2014 – The Ministry of Labour, Migration and Population Employment and IOM last week hosted a National Forum of Compatriots in Dushanbe.

Training Workshop for IOM Staff on Migration Crisis Operational Framework

Yos-Romit, Tajikistan, 13 June 2014 – Staff members of IOM Tajikistan attended a full day workshop on the Migration Crisis Operational Framework (MCOF) held at a training facility in the Romit area of Tajikistan.