Government of Zambia Hosts Regional Conference on Protection of Children on the Move

In Southern Africa, the number of children on the move has been on the rise with their needs increasingly becoming manifest.

More than 700 Refugees Resettled to Third Countries by IOM in 2015

Zambia has been an exemplary host to refugees over the past 50 years.

IOM Zambia Country Strategy 2015-2016

The IOM Zambia 2015 – 2016 Country Strategy outlines IOM Zambia’s priority areas of support to the Government of Zambia in strengthening migration governance in the broad areas of: Migrant Assistan

IOM Supports Fortifying of Borders against TB

Since June 2013, IOM Zambia has been implementing a tuberculosis (TB) screening programme on behalf of the United Kingdom Home Office.

IOM Rolls Out Tools for Protection of Vulnerable Migrants in Zambia

Zambia is a transit, destination and origin country for various groups of migrants, including unaccompanied and/or separated children, asylum-seekers, refugees, stranded migrants and victims of tra

IOM Launches Mwami Interview Space for Protection of Vulnerable Migrants

The identification of vulnerable migrants is vital to ensure that they are granted access to protection and support services.

IOM, National Aids Council Partner on Border Towns on HIV/AIDS Management in Zambia

Like many other countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Zambia is one of the countries seriously affected by the HIV pandemic.

Chief of Mission: Editorial

Dear Reader,

I am pleased to present the fifth edition of IOM Zambia’s Newsletter. It contains the latest information on IOM's activities and projects implemented in 2015, as well as insights into the migration context in Zambia.

135 Former Angolan Refugee Households Repatriated to Angola from Zambia

A total of 135 households of former Angolan refugees from Zambian refugee settlements (Mayukwayukwa, Western Province and Maheba, North-Western Province) participated in the safe and voluntary repa

Crossword Puzzle No. 002


1........... (11) is one of the ways through which traffickers keep their victims trapped and includes excessive or unreasonable repayments.

4. ........ ( 8) is one the means through which trafficked persons are recruited.

6. The Palermo ........ (8) is the international instrument to prevent, suppress and punish trafficking in persons, especially women and children.

8. The …(abrivation ..3) is the country that releases the annual Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP).