Target audience: Under 4 feet get a Different Message

By Ray Leyesa

I'm sure you've tried those optical illusions that show you double images, hidden pictures or hidden messages. Looking at them endlessly trying to figure out how it all works.

A Mapping Revolution...

By Leonard Doyle

WOULD you like to know about an innovative high-tech initiative to help vulnerable communities build resilience, ahead of the coming hurricane/typhoon season, by using low-tech solutions? If so, read on.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg: Migration Makes Us All Richer

By Leonard Doyle

Photo courtesy of of

As endorsements go, having Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg tell the world about the vital contribution of migration to our economic well-being is hard to top.

Out of the rubble of Haiti, a new beginning through education

Haitian students in the midst of discussion. Photo by Amy Rhoades

When the Knife Wielding Mugger is Also a Victim

When the Knife Wielding  Mugger is Also a Victim -Photo by Amy Rhoades 2012
By Amy Rhoades

When a Haitian youngster held a knife to my throat while getting off the bus from the Dominican Republic, in Petion Ville the other day, it was a harsh reminder of what can happen when youth in a displaced population are left to fend for itself.

"Schools Out for Summer"

By Leonard Doyle

Do you know that education for internally displaced people is an inherent human right? I'm not sure Alice Cooper, the outrageous American rocker behind "Schools Out" did. In fact international law dictates that it should be available to all IDPs without exception.