One Small Thing Can Make a Big Difference

By Leonard Doyle

Brilliantly encapsulating what it is to be a humanitarian aid worker, Matt Bowlby of IOM Haiti describes his daily rounds of a displacement camp thus: "You’re here to do one small thing that’s going to make a big difference."

In that short and pithy phrase, delivered as he bantered in creole with residents still displaced by the earthquake of three years ago, he summed up what keeps so many humanitarian aid workers returning to work in the often dangerous conditions of emergencies. In the film Matt and Magdala Michelle Jean-Pierre talk about the rewards and challenges of humanitarian work in Haiti.

19 August was World Humanitarian Day a month long initiative that invites you to sponsor a word and turn your voice to help millions of people worldwide affected by disasters. IOM and United Nations ask supporters to complete the sentence: The world needs more…

A Valentine's Day Wish: Be My Donor


By Kristina Mejo

In this projectized world, having a committed donor to make plans with this February 14th, St. Valentine’s Day, is something we all aspire to. But should the donor of your dreams not materialize this time, don’t drown in your sorrows. Better to focus on how to hone your skills, so that come this time next year, you’re sure to have a line-up of suitors for your projects.