Helping women and families to cope with negative aspects of migration


An unfortunate result of the increase in departing Tajik migrant workers has been the abandonment of families in Tajikistan. IOM research has found that approximately 1/3 of migrating husbands fail to support and return home to their families, leaving their wives vulnerable to physical and mental health ailments. Migrants’ wives who have been abandoned also face significant economic and legal challenges, such as securing access to housing, alimony payments and land use rights. Those in rural areas are hit especially hard because access to jobs, training, education or social support is limited. Many of these women did not finish school, are unemployed and even lack marriage certificates. Moreover, discussing the problems associated with abandonment is taboo. 

IOM and its partners in Tajikistan with the financial support from the Swiss Cooperation Office in Tajikistan are working to increase these women’s economic self-reliance by improving their access to justice and knowledge of available services. Support includes mobile consultations in rural areas, accompanying women to file legal documents and claims, advocating state and non-state actors to increase services to abandoned families and informing women of income generation opportunities. As a result of IOM’s short-term project, more than 60 women successfully secured legal confirmation of paternity, alimony, birth certificates for their children and permission to live in the houses of their husbands’ parents. Read more at: