Internal Migration

Internal Migration

Natural Disasters and Climate Change Intensify Urban Migration in Mongolia

Mongolia – Nyamdulam and her family had been herders in Zavkhan Province, in remote north-west Mongolia for Nyamdulam’s whole life.

“I Want to Inspire More Women to Become Carpenteras”

© IOM/Alan Motus 2014

By Charisse Licaña

I am a newly trained carpenter, having recently spent 10 days learning how to rebuild houses. I was also the only woman on the course, out of 19 participants. In the Philippines, carpentry is still seen as a man’s occupation. It makes me proud to think that I’m helping to change people’s minds.

"A Strategy for Preventing Secondary Displacement" AKA a pretty cool idea

By Grant Robertshaw in Capiz, Philippines

Monday was my fifth day in Roxas as the CCCM Cluster lead for the coordinated humanitarian response to Typhoon Yolanda. It also happened to be my  fifth day on an emergency project.

Zamboanga still chaotic weeks after violent clashes

Omal Gani, born by the side of the road in Zamboanga

By Joe Lowry

Meet Omal. He was born on the side of the road 12 days ago, his mother pushing him out in a rapid 45-minute labour. Motorbikes, trucks and cars screamed by, inches from the newborn’s head. Aged just 22, Misbah Gani is now mother to four bright-eyed kids under the age of 10. They live in a one-metre-high lean-to - a temporary shelter next to a petrol station that is sweltering, noisy and full of exhaust fumes.

Dream dashed, lives on hold in Philippines quake zone

By Joe Lowry

Rita Elatabelo’s world has fallen apart twice in the last seven months.

Two years ago she retired after 44 years in the capital Manila, and moved back to her native village on the island of Bohol with her husband and one of her sons. Over the past ten years they had been building their dream retirement home, in the little village of Libertad, their corner of paradise. But just as they were getting settled, her husband passed away.

Briefings from the Field

By Mark Koski with Peter Kern, Elham Pourazar and Bradley Mellicker

Indonesia:  West Java province is disaster prone and heavily populated. IOM Indonesia has developed a programme to strengthen Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) capacity and to enhance community resilience in seven districts. 

Namibia: With IOM's help, Namibia is enhancing its national disaster risk management capacity. Namibia suffers from floods, drought and fires but has shown strong commitment to increased disaster resilience. Activities are expanding to other countries in southern Africa.

Haiti: Before Tropical Storms Isaac and Sandy hit Haiti in August and October 2012, IOM helped carry out the first and second ever preventative evacuations of exposed communities in support of the government. 

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When Migrants are Seen as a Blessing not a Scourge

By Leonard Doyle

Lets face it, "migration is the original strategy for people seeking to escape poverty, mitigate risk, and build a better life. It has been with us since the dawn of mankind, and its economic impact today is massive."

That these words were published on the eve of St Patrick's Day, by an Irishman - a country with a long track record in migration - is not a surprise. Sutherland's words resonate in today's globalised world because migrants’ remittances are literally pulling the economies of countries of origin up by their bootstraps.