IOM develops comprehensive platform on Europe’s Migration Emergency

As part of its overall response to Europe’s migration emergency, IOM DTM has developed a comprehensive platform to display and evaluate the complex migration flows from Africa to Europe. This multi-layered platform displays data on a number of critical components necessary to understanding the scale, scope and patterns of current migration dynamics in Europe.

With the aim of connecting the dots in new and innovative ways, the continuously updated platform highlights trends across key locations with interactive maps, helping create a better visual understanding of the unfolding situation.

Here is a snapshot of several of the key features:

Recent trends

This tab reviews data on newly arrived migrants and humanitarian needs in countries of origin. This component compares increase or decrease in flows of a particular area over a given period of time.

Transit routes

This tab examines the land, air and sea routes most frequently travelled by those undertaking the journey to Europe from Africa, highlighting trends in movements and common exit and entry points. IOM estimates that more than 580,000 people have travelled to Europe so far in 2015.

Users may click on the map’s yellow paths for additional estimations on the number of people that have used a particular road since the beginning of 2015. By clicking on the green circles, users can access information on the number and country of origin for people reported as arriving in Europe this year. Blue circles indicate the number of arrivals in a given country.

Internally displaced and refugees

For 2014, the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center (IDMC) reports that 57.3 million people around the world had been forced to flee their homes by armed conflict, generalized violence and natural disasters, while staying within their countries.

Using the platform, users can access a global map of displacement, including information on the size of internally displaced and refugee populations by country, drivers of displacement and the size of migration flows from African countries to Europe.

Missing Migrants

This tab supports Missing Migrants Project which tracks dead/missing migrants along migratory routes worldwide. This map displays where incidents are taking place in the Mediterranean. Besides counting fatalities, Missing Migrants Project is part of a broader effort to engage communities around the world. Following incidents at sea, IOM often receives inquiries from family members seeking news about their missing relatives, many of whom are feared dead. IOM works with all channels available, partners, authorities, search and rescue and even using social media when appropriate, in order to assist those who come to us in search of the missing.

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