IOM Supports the Border Control Knowledge Assessment Process

In the period from August to November 2014, IOM Tajikistan has carried out an assessment to determine the effectiveness of training programmes and identify knowledge gaps among Tajik and Afghan border crossing points’ personnel attending joint workshops on Humanitarian Border Management. A total of 110 training participants were targeted, including 84 participants from Afghanistan and 26 border staff of Tajikistan. Besides the assessment of border guards, IOM also interviewed 106 (90 Afghan and 16 Tajik) residents of contiguous border areas crossing legally to visit, trade or attend to other business at designated border checkpoints.  

The assessment team comprised of IOM local staff and relevant personnel of both Tajik and Afghan Border Management structures as well as instructors of the Training Centres from Dushanbe and Khorog. The team developed a comprehensive methodology, including a 300-item questionnaire in the form of a multiple-choice style survey. In addition, pre- and post-training test comparisons were used to measure the knowledge gained from participating in the training course.

Analysis of the assessment data reveals that the vast majority (93 per cent) of border guards surveyed expressed their satisfaction and a need to continue the joint training process to master their knowledge and skills, in the form of interactive learning, required for daily operations. More than 92 per cent of community residents surveyed believe that the Afghan and Tajik personnel of border crossing points are professional, discreet, kind and tolerant.