Migrant Hero: Michael Brosowski

Michael Brosowski is the founder of NGO Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation in Vietnam, which rescues at-risk street children and victims of trafficking.

Michael, who migrated from Sydney, Australia to Hanoi, Vietnam in 2002, is an example of the way individual migrants can make huge contributions to their host communities. In 2011, Michael was named a CNN Hero and in 2012 he was made a member of the Order of Australia for service to the international community, particularly young people, as Founder and Director of the Blue Dragon Children's Foundation.

#MigrantHeroes Campaign: Frequently Asked Questions

Why is IOM launching the #MigrantHeroes campaign?

#MigrantHeroes Campaign: Guidelines for Field Missions

#MigrantHeroes Campaign
Guidelines for Field Missions

Heroes Wanted (Bright Tights Optional)

By Niurka Piñeiro, IOM Washington 

“Immigrants have fascinating powers,” the words of Dulce Pinzón, a Mexican artist who created the Migrant Superheroes Project which tells the pictorial story of Hispanic migrants in the United States who anonymously toil each day, doing work that many of us no longer want to do. 

​And so where are these tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands – in fact millions – of migrant heroes?  IOM wants to find them and pay homage to them, for without migrants, the wheels would stop turning. 

Jasmine Lee: 'There Were Very Few of Me Around'

By Chris Lom

Korean lawmaker Jasmine Lee, who spoke as a “Migrant Voice” at IOM’s 2014 Council, is a “Migrant Hero” who has overcome adversity and personal tragedy to become a powerful voice for migrants in South Korea – a nation struggling to come to terms with a small, but growing immigrant population.    

Born in the Philippines, Lee married South Korean mariner, Lee Dong-ho in 1996 and in 1998 became a naturalized Korean citizen.