#MigrantHeroes Campaign: Frequently Asked Questions

Why is IOM launching the #MigrantHeroes campaign?

IOM is launching this new social media campaign in order to change the lens through which people view migrants and migration. Indeed, there is an increasingly negative perception of migrants and their contributions to society. Through this campaign, IOM will highlight the many ways in which migrants positively contribute to their countries of origin and host communities. Moreover, this campaign will build upon and reinforce the ongoing IOM ‘Migrants Contribute’ Campaign, in countering misinformation by presenting evidence of positive impacts in accessible ways.

Who is eligible to be nominated as a “Migrant Hero”?

A Migrant Hero should belong to at least one of the following categories:

  • A person who has a compelling story of migration and has contributed significantly to his/her original home country, transit or host country.
  • A migrant who accomplished a special achievement(s) in a particular field (medicine, education, art, etc.) outside his/her home country
  • A migrant noted for feats of courage and strength or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life
  • A migrant from any walk of life with a powerful story that helps challenge prevailing negative perceptions about migration and create a perception transformation amongst the general public and stimulate the discussion about migration.

How can I submit a #MigrantHero nomination?

You can submit the story of a Migrant Hero you know via the application form on the #MigrantHeroes website. Consent from the nominee is required. You can also contact the IOM office in your country of residence for additional information on the campaign.

How long will the #MigrantHeroes campaign run?

The #MigrantHeroes Campaign will run throughout 2015, culminating in the presentation of 10 prominent and compelling Migrant Heroes stories at the IOM Council. The stories selected for presentation at the IOM Council will be determined by popular vote in November 2015.

What will be the role and duties of the selected Migrant Heroes?

The 3 selected Migrant Heroes will become IOM Goodwill Ambassadors who will carry a message of need to create positive environment for migrants, protect them and also ensure their place and contributions to our societies are recognized. This message will be carried out throughout the Goodwill Ambassador’s area of action and/or professional activity with the aim to change negative perceptions of the general public towards migrants.

How can I promote the campaign?

You can distribute the campaign advertisement; publish information on your website; follow IOM Facebook and Twitter accounts where regular updates on the campaign will be provided. From 1-10 November, you will be kindly invited to vote for the 3 best stories amongst the 10 nominated ones by IOM HQ via IOM Global Facebook #MigrantHeroes.

What kind of tools will be used to promote the campaign?

  • #MigrantHeroes campaign website
  • IOM Global Facebook Page #MigrantHeroes and Facebook Conversation #MigrantHeroes
  • IOM Global Twitter account
  • Field Missions’ website, newsletter and social media
  • Campaign advertisement (A4 Info Sheet)