Migration in the News | 25 May 2018

Media Monitoring Highlights

  • Dhaka Tribune reported that a new Refugees International report has noted that Rohingya refugees face various threats and has recommended feasible solutions to address the situation. The report concurs with reports by IOM and UNHCR about the immense challenges that the Rohingya in Bangladesh are facing.

  • Epeak World News reported that thousands of migrants and refugees, in transit to Western Europe, were dragged into Bosnia’s political squabbles as political elites are using this opportunity to reclaim their ‘electoral territories’ before the October vote. The report referenced IOM.
  • USA Today reported that nations have been building border walls for ages, but the number has soared since World War II. It cited IOM figures.
  • ECRE reported that Spain and Algeria signed an agreement this week to form a joint team of investigation with the goals of fighting ‘irregular migration’ and ‘preventing Islamist terrorism’. The report cited IOM figures.
  • Xinhua reported that at least 6.6 percent of the economically active Zimbabwean population of 5.6 million people is unemployed, according to a new survey by the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency. The survey was launched with technical and financial assistance from UNPF, UNICEF and IOM.
  • Middle East Monitor reported that Egypt’s chief prosecutor has referred 40 defendants to trial accusing them of human trafficking and migrant smuggling. The report mentioned that earlier this month a delegation of Egyptian government officials went to Brussels on a visit facilitated by IOM to learn efficient practices on counter-trafficking and victim protection.

Trending on the Internet

  • Pew Research Center has published an analysis that shows opinions on whether the United States has a responsibility to accept refugees have grown more polarized, as refugee admissions have plummeted.
  • Al Jazeera reported that with Sweden approaching national elections slated for September, migration policy is shaping up to be a core campaign issue for parties across the political spectrum.
  • The Guardian reported that Rohingya refugees known as the ‘most friendless people on earth’ have found rare welcome and sanctuary in Indonesia’s conservative Aceh province.

Quote of the day

“Just how many temporary visa holders experience domestic violence is unknown. A person’s migration status isn’t recognised as a specified risk factor within the context of family violence risk assessment.” – Marie Segrave, Monash University. Read more here

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