Migration in the News | 8 May 2018

Media Monitoring Highlights

  • Voice of America reported that two boats carrying Rohingya refugees from Myanmar’s Rakhine State have landed in the Indonesian province of Aceh. The report quoted IOM’s Mariam Khokhar and Paul Dillon.

  • BBC reported about how a Nigerian migrant sold everything he owned to go to Europe, only to find himself back home and broke. The report mentioned that more than 3,000 Nigerian migrants who failed to reach Europe, have been flown home by IOM.
  • Chile’s The Santiago Times reported that between 2015 and 2017, the number of Venezuelan immigrants in Latin America went from 89,000 to 900,000 people, an increase of more than 900 per cent, according to IOM. The report quoted IOM’s Joel Millman.
  • EU Observer reported that a total of 54 per cent of internally displaced persons in Ukraine have money only for food or have to limit expenses even for food, according to a survey conducted by IOM.
  • Myanmar International TV reported about the launch of the IOM X Campaign series, Make Migration Work, in Myanmar on Monday. It quoted IOM’s Akio Nakayama.
  • AFP reported that a Greek court on Monday cleared three Spaniards and two Danes of trying to help irregular migrants enter Greece through the island of Lesbos while taking part in Aegean rescue missions. The report cited IOM figures.
  • Nigeria’s The Sun reported that following the upsurge in trafficking of Nigerians to the Middle East, the Federal Government will embark on a fact-finding mission to Saudi Arabia. The report noted IOM’s support in returning some Nigerian migrants home from Libya.

Trending on the Internet

  • ABC News reported that a powerful exhibition of quilts memorializing migrants from Mexico and Central America who have died in the southern Arizona desert in the past 20 years is on display in the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, Massachusetts.
  • Vancouver Sun reported that two years after their arrival in British Colombia, government-assisted refugees from Syria are showing significant improvements with English, are more likely to find employment and are making friends, according to Immigrant Services Society of B.C.

Quote of the day

“It is time for a unified effort to build cooperation and consensus around migration issues.” – Manfred Profazi, IOM’s Senior Regional Adviser for Europe and Central Asia. Read more here.                            

For the latest Mediterranean Update data on arrvals and fatalities please visit: http://missingmigrants.iom.int


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