Migration means different things for different people. For many who brave these journeys into another world, it means a lot of sacrifice, new opportunities, starting all over again and taking on new challenges that they ever imagined. For many, migration can be that line between life and death.

Through #MigrationMeans Campaign, International Organization for Migration (IOM) seeks to highlight stories of migration to give a voice to migrants from all around the world. 

IOM invites you to join the conversation about migration and humanitarianism using the hashtag #MigrationMeans.  The campaign which commenced on June 18th  2014 will see the top stories showcased at IOM Headquarters in Geneva in conjunction with International Migrants Day 2014.

Join the campaign:

Share a photo of yourself on Twitter with #MigrationMeans, followed by a description of what it means to you.

For example:

#MigrationMeans finding new homes
#MigrationMeans beginning a new life
#MigrationMeans my choice
#MigrationMeans a safer place for me and my family
#MigrationMeans access to life-saving communications

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