Missing Migrants Project

Missing Migrants Project (MMP) is a global database tracking deaths of migrants and those who have gone missing along migratory routes worldwide. The research behind this project began with the October 2013 tragedies, when at least 368 migrants died in two shipwrecks near the Italian island of Lampedusa. Since then, Missing Migrants Project has developed into an important hub and advocacy source for media, researchers, and the general public to access for the latest information.

The project uses statistical data from governments, colleagues in the field and sources other agencies, NGOs and media. Besides counting fatalities, Missing Migrants Project is part of a broader effort to engage communities around the world. MMP works with all channels available, partners, authorities, search and rescue and even using social media when appropriate, in order to assist those who may be in search of the missing.

For the latest data on arrivals and fatalities in the Mediterranean and for more information on Missing Migrants Project please visit: http://missingmigrants.iom.int #MissingMigrants