Missing Migrants

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“I didn't know where my fellow travellers were heading. But I knew one thing: my dream of making it to Europe, no matter the cost and risk involved, had been achieved. It was worth it.”

Syrian migrant Moutassem Yazbek talking to CNN about how he lost his job in Dubai, and decided to attempt a crossing of the Mediterranean.




Number of Migrants Landing in Europe in 2015 Passes 100,000

Italy - Some 102,000 migrants have arrived by sea in Europe this year, according to IOM. The number is slightly ahead of levels reached at this time in 2014 and reflects growing sea-borne migration from the Middle East and Africa, with most of the landings taking place either in Italy or Greece.

According to statistics compiled by IOM in the Mediterranean, 54,660 migrants reached Italy, after departing almost exclusively from Libya, while 46,150 migrants reached Greece, departing mainly from Turkey.

Peak Sailing Season Sees More Mediterranean Migrant Rescues, Deaths

Italy - Nearly 5,000 migrants were rescued in the Channel of Sicily over the weekend, as part of the expanded European Union (EU) search and rescue operation in the Mediterranean.

They were picked up and brought ashore in Italy by ships from the Italian Coast Guard, the Italian navy and others, including the British navy’s amphibious transport ship HMS Bulwark.

World Must Resolve Irregular Migration “Conundrum,” IOM DG Tells SE Asia Conference

Thailand – IOM Director General William Lacy Swing has challenged the global community to “conjugate the conundrum” of effective border management and
large-scale migration.

Speaking at a regional conference on irregular migration in the Indian Ocean region in Bangkok today, Ambassador Swing called for continuing dialogue on population movements in the region. He referred to the dramatic events of recent weeks which had crystalized world attention “on the urgency of developing responsible and humane responses to the complex migratory flows across the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea, and elsewhere.”

IOM Appeals for USD 26 million for Migrants in SE Asian Boat Crisis

Thailand - IOM is appealing for USD 26 million to assist up to 10,000 people affected by the migrant crisis in the Andaman Sea. The bulk of the money will go towards temporary shelter, food, water, and other material aid. Provision is also made for psychosocial support, and for the eventual return and reintegration of those who wish to go back to their countries of origin.

IOM Sees Progress in SE Asia Migrant Crisis, But Warns More Must be Done

Indonesia - The migrant crisis in Southeast Asia has entered a new phase, with over half of those originally estimated to be at sea now on dry land, some for the first time in almost four months.

IOM welcomed the positive statement made by Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand on Wednesday (20/5), but says there is still much to be done.

IOM Welcomes Decision to Save Lives of Migrants at Sea in Southeast Asia

Geneva - IOM has welcomed the commitment by Indonesia and Malaysia to allow thousands of migrants – currently abandoned at sea by smugglers –  to come ashore and receive life-saving assistance.

IOM Director General William Lacy Swing said today in Geneva: “We commend the governments of Malaysia and Indonesia, in particular, for committing to continue to provide humanitarian assistance to the some 7,000 irregular migrants still at sea.”