Position by Human Rights Committee Opens Possibility for Dignified Migration in the Context of Climate Change

The views expressed by the United Nations Human Rights Committee in its recent position related to climate change and migration do not fundamentally change the status quo for those vulnerable to the impacts of climate change; however, they do flag the urgency of developing a concerted response from the international community to provide migration options to people most severely affected by climate change impacts.

Moldova Braces for Large Numbers of Returning Migrants

The tiny Eastern European country of Moldova is bracing itself for a large return of overseas migrant workers in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Almost one million of the country’s 3.5 million citizens reside abroad, and the remittances they send home accounts for roughly 16 per cent of the country’s GDP, or around  US$ 1.2 billion a year. 

They often work in low-skilled jobs in the catering, agricultural, entertainment, or hospitality industries. Up to 70,000 of them have little job security, working without formal contracts. 

Migrant Doctor in UK Dies of COVID-19 as Health Workers Worldwide Battle On Against Virus

Two weeks after the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a pandemic, Dr. Adil El Tayar, a famed organ transplant surgeon in the United Kingdom contracted the virus tending to his patients in hospital. He died on 25 March, five days after testing positive for the disease.

Dr. El Tayar is the first health professional to die in the United Kingdom of Covid-19 and one of many frontline health workers who have risked and lost their lives over the last few months in the growing, global battle to contain the virus and treat the increasing numbers of critically ill.