Hidden in the Ashes: Migrant Farmworkers are Invisible During California Wildfires

Migrant farmworkers in California contribute to an economically profitable agricultural system. Yet they are among the most vulnerable communities. Most migrant farmworkers are members of the working poor with limited to no access to health care. Anti-immigrant sentiment partnered with racism make life for migrants in the State difficult at best. Migrant vulnerabilities are amplified during times of disasters and their risk of experiencing negative consequences are disproportionately higher.

Ethical Supply Chain Management: Short Term Investments, Long Term Gains

We live in a world on the move. IOM, the UN Migration Agency estimates that 1 in 7 (or 1 billion) persons globally is a migrant - essentially anyone that has moved away from his or her habitual place of residence either within their native country or across borders. Scarcity of decent jobs and income inequality within and between countries push many workers to move.