The Truman Virus

Anyone who watched the 1990s cult film The Truman Show will remember the fictitious reality show’s slogan: “How’s It Going To End?”

Truman, a geeky insurance salesman in his late 20s was the oblivious star of the ultimate reality show that captivated the planet. As he went about his daily life in “The Dome” – a huge studio visible from space – millions watched, enraptured by the unspoken compact with the broadcaster: Someday this has to end.

"Awaken, the Morning Nowruz Breeze is Showering the Garden with Flowers"

Those lines are uppermost on the minds of millions of people in at least 21 countries – plus millions more migrants around the globe – as they begin the celebration of Nowruz, which is the beginning of spring and also often known as Persian New Year.

The festival is marked in a great swathe of the planet from the Caucasus mountains on the edge of Europe to the Tian Shen mountains on the western Chinese border.

And this year it will be very, very different.

Field of Dreams

How four young West African footballers got stranded in Central Asia


Right about now, a boy is walking into a house on the edge of a big city in West Africa, his dreams hanging by a thread.

A couple of weeks ago I watched him sit in the stands as his friends played a fiercely competitive game of football at midnight, half a world away, in Uzbekistan.

And the Winner is...Migration and Film


Geneva - In a historic breakthrough for the venerable 92 year-old Oscar awards ceremony, no fewer than four of the famous gold statuettes were awarded to a foreign language film for the first time on Sunday. They went to South Korea’s “Parasite,” which the swept awards for Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay and Best Director, as well as the best foreign language category.