Four out of Five IOM Staff are Using SCAAN... are You?

Picture the scene.

It’s a typical IOM conference in a hotel in a distant city. You walk into the elevator, press the button to go outside for some fresh air and after the elevator doors close, everything suddenly turns to black.   

You cannot even press the emergency button in the elevator as there is no electricity. You fend off a growing sense of panic and wonder how long you will be stuck in what now feels like a sauna suspended in midair that’s completely dark.

Volunteer voices of inclusion from IOM Thailand

In Thailand, UN Volunteers effectively advocate for the respect of human rights. Panitee Nuykram serves with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) as a national UN Youth Volunteer Media and Communications Officer in her home country, Thailand. On the occasion of International Volunteer Day, Panitee shares how she volunteers for an inclusive future. 

Through my assignment with IOM, I help to increase the understanding of the positive contribution of migrants towards their communities and enhance their inclusion.