Joint Op-Ed - Venezuelan displacement demands coordinated international response 

For decades, Venezuela was a host country for refugees, as well as a destination for migrants drawn by its economy’s booming oil, agriculture and manufacturing sectors. Now its population is draining away. The flight which is unfolding before our eyes is the result of political instability, growing insecurity and human rights violations, all compounded by the economic collapse of the country.   

From Brain Drain to Ukraine Gain

Andrii immediately recognizes it among dozens of other tractors in the warehouse. He jumps in the chair, adjusts it to his height, jiggles the keys and sets off on a lap of honour with a big grin on his face.

He’s just taken possession of his very own tractor – the same model as he used to operate in Poland, but this one is all his.

He’s back in Ukraine, and he’s the boss now.

Finding Fuel: IOM Helps a Displaced Family Cook Safely

Sana’a – The ongoing conflict in Yemen has driven the country to the brink of famine. The worsening situation and persistent armed clashes have led to a surge in the number of displaced people forced to flee danger, leaving behind their homes. For people displaced from the conflict, accessing fuel and stoves necessary to cook meals and sustain their families can be nearly impossible amidst the chaos of conflict.