The Department of Migration Management and the ICT Division have successfully completed the rollout of the Project Information and Management Application (PRIMA) that facilitates the administration of the IOM Development Fund (IDF) and its projects, throughout their life cycles.  


“PRIMA for IDF” is now live in all IDF-funded regions. Country Offices that are eligible for IDF funding have also been trained and are now using PRIMA: 

  • Southern Africa, East and Horn of Africa (Q2 2015) 
  • Asia-Pacific (Q3 2015)  
  • Middle East and North Africa (Q4 2015) 
  • Southeastern Europe – Eastern Europe and Central Asia (Q2 2016) 
  • West and Central Africa (September 2016) 
  • Southern America (November 2016) 
  • North America, Meso-America and the Caribbean (November 2016) 

The PRIMA project was conceptualized in late 2013 by the IDF as an initiative to deploy an institutional project information management solution that will assist IOM to develop, manage, monitor, and report on IDF-funded projects and their results. PRIMA for IDF is the Organization’s response to three compelling requirements:  

  1. Take action on the outcome of the performance audit carried out on the IOM Development Fund (IDF) in 2013; 
  1. Capture and store key project data and documents throughout the project lifecycle for purposes of monitoring, evaluation, and reporting; and
  1. Put in place an online project endorsement and management system that supports project managers and projects endorsers at the Regional Offices.  

The processes and tools outlined in the IOM Project Handbook provided the basic building blocks upon which PRIMA was built. PRIMA strengthens IOM’s ability to consistently demonstrate transparency and to operationalize a results-based management approach to programming. More specifically, PRIMA: 

  1. Reinforces the project development and endorsement process,  
  1. Allows IOM to better operationalize a results-focused approach to programming that incorporates monitoring and evaluation of project implementation performance; and  
  1. Enhances the capacity of IOM to monitor and report on project results, learn lessons and replicate practices.   

PRIMA will soon be made available for all donor-funded operational IOM projects. Extending the scope of PRIMA will support project managers to conduct more in-depth project management and operational oversight of all these projects; enable consistent, insightful analysis across all IOM projects; facilitate capture and sharing of operational data and project information; and simplify reporting at the project and aggregated IOM-wide levels. This capability would, for example, strongly support reporting to Member States. 

For more information about PRIMA for IDF, please contact: