NGO «Аnis» ensured project sustainability

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Migrants with TB continued to receive services in TB treatment adherence after project activities among migrants in Tajikistan ended in 2013.

“We couldn't leave our patients because of the end of the project. Many migrants would have interrupted their treatment. Observance of TB treatment adherence from our beneficiaries’ side has become became the main task of our work” – said Idimoh Kholmurodova, the Head of the NGO “Anis” (Photo: Bozorov R)

“The USAID Dialogue on HIV and TB Project made us experts in the field of forming TB treatment adherence," makes a joke Rustam Madzhidov, an outreach worker of NGO “Anis.”

Rustam got acquainted with Sharif in December 2012 while conducting a mini-session at his home. Sharif asked Rustam about diagnostics for TB. He mentioned how he wanted to get tested because he was tormented with a cough for more than two months. It appeared that Sharif was self-medicating, taking various antibiotics, but the cough continued. "He never thought that it may be tuberculosis, but after he learned about TB symptoms at the mini-session, he went with us to the TB Center right after the mini- session” – Rustam tells.

When Sharif learned about his diagnosis, he got very upset."I will be a burden for the family – nearly a year is needed to be treated. All family income will be spent by me. Is there no other way out?” The TB specialist, Dr.Olimov Akhmadkhon comforted Sharif, having explained that tuberculosis is curable and through joint efforts the fight against the illness would be won.

Despite that the project ended in May 2013, the outreach workers of the NGO “Anis" unanimously agreed to continue to form TB treatment adherence among migrant workers with TB, irrespective of being paid for this job. They spoke of how they were now responsible for the patients whom they have identified during the outreach work. “Observance of TB treatment adherence from our beneficiary’s side has become the main task of our work” - said the head of the NGO “Anis,” Idimoh Kholmurodova.

"The project helped us to realize the gravity of the problem that TB is among migrants. It is difficult for patients with TB to defeat the illness alone,” Rustam commented.

Forming TB treatment adherence among migrants continued on a volunteer basis for eight months and, as a result, Sharif as well as five other migrants diagnosed with TB successfully completed TB treatment.