Training Workshop for IOM Staff on Migration Crisis Operational Framework

Training Workshop for IOM staff on Migration Crisis Operational Framework

Yos-Romit, Tajikistan, 13 June 2014 – Staff members of IOM Tajikistan attended a full day workshop on the Migration Crisis Operational Framework (MCOF) held at a training facility in the Romit area of Tajikistan.

During this workshop, staff members learnt about the migration crisis concept and how it provides the analytical grounds necessary for the operational aspect of the MCOF.  Understanding the purpose and how to use and apply the MCOF was an essential part of the training, complemented by group discussions and activities.

Finally, the staff partook in a general group discussion on rolling out the MCOF in Tajikistan, focusing on potential scenarios and gaps in the operational capacity.

“MCOF is a vital tool for IOM and its Member States to prepare and respond to migration crises. This workshop was particularly useful in utilizing the expertise of our staff to better determine future courses of action,” said Malika Bahovadinova, IOM’s Research Coordinator.

Following this workshop, IOM Tajikistan will continue to internally roll out the MCOF, by mapping out potential areas of vulnerability and establishing certain action points. In the future, IOM Tajikistan hopes to roll out the MCOF to members of government and international agencies with the help of in-house MCOF experts from IOM to cover a wider range of themes. All this will be done in order to increase the resiliency, preparedness and capacity to respond during periods of crisis.