Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda

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"A Strategy for Preventing Secondary Displacement" AKA a pretty cool idea

By Grant Robertshaw in Capiz, Philippines

Monday was my fifth day in Roxas as the CCCM Cluster lead for the coordinated humanitarian response to Typhoon Yolanda. It also happened to be my  fifth day on an emergency project.

Family Values

While doing a joint health assessment in the Dulangan Evacuation Centre in Pilar, Capiz, we met Maria* a grandmother of about 65-70 years old. She and her family come from the Cantil islands in the coastal areas of Pilar where 59 families earn their living by making fishing nets, which are sold to nearby towns for crabs and lobster fishing. Now she is taking shelter in a school.

Typhoon Haiyan brings renewed urgency to Asia-Pacific food security summit

Children outside the Astrodome in Tacloban where thousands of shocked residents took shelter from the super-typhoon which hit on November 9.

Estelita – a remarkable woman after the ‘wind, rain and water’

A gray-haired 72-year old woman from Barangay Tabok, Pontevedra in her bermuda shorts, blue Tshirt and blue hat slowly makes her way into the Pontevedra Rural Health Clinic with her  left foot and lower leg so swollen that it hurt to simply watch her walk. Her name is Estelita.

In the Philippines, a relief effort of giant proportions and fiendishly complicated logistics is under way

Aerial view of the devastated city of Tacloban. © IOM 2013 (Photo by Conrad Navidad)

By Leonard Doyle

With banner headlines already decrying the slow pace of aid in the Philippines, there was palpable relief when, at a packed briefing for aid agencies, it was announced that piped water had been restored in Tacloban, the city brought to its knees by Typhoon Haiyan.

IOM Active at Typhoon Ground Zero

A young girl stands near the devastation of the central Philippine city of Tacloban. © IOM 2013 (Photo by Conrad Navidad)

By Joe Lowry in Tacloban