World Humanitarian Day

Journalists and Aid Workers Are Targets for a New Brand of Extremists

By Joe Lowry

The tragic and highly mediatized deaths of two journalists and an aid worker at the hands of militants in the middle east may seem to have little to do with migration, but they are in many ways a defining chapter for all who work in perilous situations.

Acknowledging IOM Humanitarian Worker Winnie Machaki

Winnie Machaki is a humble, robust and a vivacious humanitarian worker who gives it all. Her infectious cheer can disarm you. Her problem-solving abilities are unmatched. 

Acknowledging IOM Humanitarian Worker George Oketch

George OketchGeorge Oketch is an IOM Psychosocial Counsellor based in Nairobi’s Migration Health Assessment Centre. MHAC provides assistance for immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers and mobile populations. With a career spanning 27 years, Oketch has seen it all and has diligently served various categories of migrants - especially refugees that have been approved for resettlement.  Astute, humble, soft spoken and witty, Aketch has played a profound role in  beneficiaries'lives by helping them regain their mental balance amid  violent conditions that tend to cloud their perspectives.

Acknowledging IOM Humanitarian Worker Mohamed Yussuf Dahir

Mohamed Yussuf Dahir

Mohamed Yussuf Dahir is a Medical Nurse stationed in  Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya’s north eastern province. As part of IOM, Mohamed undertakes his duties with so much enthusiasm –  like a prize bull fighting in an arena. His strong character, sheer hard work and sense of duty will impress anyone. 

Have Your Say - World Humanitarian Summit 2014-2016 aid has evolved rapidly during recent years, prompted by global changes in communication technology, urbanization and climate change, among a multitude of other challenging factors that influence how we respond to crisis situations. These modern humanitarian challenges call for new and improved agendas and actions.  

2014 Humanitarian Hero Bishnu Panthee

“I became a humanitarian worker to help people who are sick and suffering from different types of problems. Often, these people are unable to get access to health services.”

2014 Humanitarian Hero Aziz Ahmad Rahimi

"Humanitarianism means Humanity."

2014 Humanitarian Hero Asma Khatun

“The challenging aspects of my work are gaining the trust of the victims of trafficking and also motivating them to be confident and believe in themselves.”

2014 Humanitarian Hero Amy Rhoades

"Stand up, let us unite. Because in unity, we are stronger!"

2014 Humanitarian Hero Sheiknoor Hassan

“As a humanitarian aid worker, I feel rewarded when I can reach out to disaster affected communities and bring a smile on the faces of the people in need.”

2014 Humanitarian Hero Rentsendorj Oyunbileg

“I love to be an officer of IOM, because part of my job focuses on humanitarian activities.”