World Humanitarian Day

2014 Humanitarian Hero Shanghini Shanmugananthan

“When you meet someone you have assisted somewhere and hear they are doing very well and it is because of the help your organization and you that he/she is able to get their life back on track, to me that is the most rewarding part of my work.”

2014 Humanitarian Hero Saw Yan Aung

“Challenging aspects are: work away from home, facing different cultures, difficulty accessing places, communication gaps, conflict areas...”

2014 Humanitarian Hero Sandra Black

"I develop a connection with the individuals whom I interview and photograph. Several have since chosen to leave the country. I hope that they are safe and have been able to improve their situation."

2014 Humanitarian Hero Emmanuelle Deryce

"All I could think about was in what ways I could help."

2014 Humanitarian Hero Wonesai Workington Sithole

“One village has adopted me in as their first-born son, which is a huge honour. My new name is 'Asa Hapa' meaning 'first born of Labu community'."

2014 Humanitarian Hero Timmy Langrine

“The smiley faces of the beneficiaries.”

2014 Humanitarian Hero Somen Palit

“I am proud that my initiative and quick decision ultimately saved her life and she is now leaving happily with her family.”

2014 Humanitarian Hero Shaista Bibi

“The shelter cluster has provided me a platform from which to seek solutions and help the most vulnerable segments of the population after a disaster.”

2014 Humanitarian Hero Safia Bano

As a humanitarian worker, I believe I can effectively contribute towards the betterment of affected communities.

2014 Humanitarian Hero Purnima Limbu Palunga

“To see returnee migrants, beneficiaries, and local communities become independent and empowered is a very rewarding part my work.”

2014 Humanitarian Hero Pramod Kumar Mallik

“Being part of the convoy that exceptionally moved refugees from one airport to another at night on the highway was a memorable moment for me - I felt I was part of a something larger than myself.”