World Humanitarian Day

2014 Humanitarian Hero Philip Raffilpiy

“Saving a child’s life or that of an older individual brings a sense of success and spiritual fulfilment.”

2014 Humanitarian Hero Mohiuddin Khan

“There is always a need of innovation since every single incident is new and has its own demand.”

2014 Humanitarian Hero Mohammad Omer Hashimi

“I decided to be a humanitarian worker after a devastating natural disasters (an Avalanche) that occurred in Salang pass resulting in huge human losses. I felt the pain and suffering and aimed to help children, women, and elders who were affected and trapped under the debris of the avalanche.”

2014 Humanitarian Hero Marie Yvelyne Pierre

“I saved the life of a three-year-old boy. Everyone was desperate because he had lost consciousness; even his parents had started losing hope. He was so dehydrated that we couldn’t find a vein to give him IV treatment.”

2014 Humanitarian Hero Maria Koko Mathiang

"I need to support my community, and I’m willing to do so even though I’m not paid. When I came to Leer as a displaced person, I immediately wanted to give a hand." 

2014 Humanitarian Hero Jahangir Khan

“To think my small contributions can provide inspiration to the people their moment of need is one of my driving motivations for me to be a humanitarian worker.”

2014 Humanitarian Hero Giano Libot

Giano originally worked in journalism, covering elections and political reporting and writing op-eds. “It was actually by mere accident I stumbled on humanitarian work,” he says. 

2014 Humanitarian Hero George Gigauri

"Humanitarian work for me combines three elements that define my professional interest: reaching the most vulnerable, working with different cultures, and operating in complex emergencies." 

2014 Humanitarian Hero Dipina Sharma Rawal

“I chose to develop a career in the humanitarian sector to help communities develop resilience to disasters and help survivors of human or natural disasters.” 

2014 Humanitarian Hero Dang Thuy Hanh

“I work with vulnerable migrants, including victims of trafficking, victims of gender-based violence, who are very sensitive and often lose hopes in life and trust in the community. It has always been a challenge to bring hopes and trust back to them, and empower them to regain fire in the heart.”

2014 Humanitarian Hero Niroshan Hapuarachchi

“I wanted to enjoy my job by helping people who need other’s support to stand by themselves.” 

2014 Humanitarian Hero Hwahyun Kim

“I often feel that relentless self-development and learning are required to survive in this field. Thus, I keep trying to broaden my understanding and experience of humanitarian work.”