Key Migration Opportunities and Challenges for SIDS

Mon, 09/01/2014 - 17:12 -- admin

By William Lacy Swing

The 3rd UN International Conference on Small Island Developing States which commences today in Apia, Samoa, promises to be a rich lagoon of conversations on forced displacement, on the human impacts of climate change and natural disasters, on the importance of migrant remittances to economic growth, and finally – on what this all means: the implications of Labour Mobility. IOM’s experience in the 13 small island developing countries where it operates validates the correlation between migration, development, and the environment.

The Other Migrants Project: Providing Adaptive Livelihood Lifelines

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An Interview with the IOM Mauritius Chief of Mission Lalini Veerassamy

Beyond recognising that small island States face starker challenges and risks that border on extinction, IOM Mauritius conducted studies to identify appropriate alternative livelihood that could be offered to displaced communitiess. The “Other Migrants” Project was implemented with the financial support of the IOM Development Fund and under the guidance of a Project Implementation Committee led by the Mauritian Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development.

Crossing Borders: Relocation and Adaptation

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An Interview with Professor Jane McAdam

1. In the context of SIDS, could environmental challenges and climate change cause permanent resettlement and/or relocation of its inhabitants?

While Pacific island communities stress their desire to remain in their homes for as long as possible, there is also recognition that environmental challenges and the impacts of climate change may mean that islands become uninhabitable over time.  While relocation is their least preferred option, it is nevertheless one possible element in a ‘toolkit’ of responses.  Relocation and resettlement (terms that are often used interchangeably) in essence describe the physical movement of a community from one place to another, with an attempt to re-establish the community in the new location.  

The Climate Summit 2014: An Opportunity The Global Community Cannot Miss

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By Michel Jarraud, Secretary-General, World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

The Climate Summit of 23 September 2014 aims to mobilize support from government, business, finance and civil society leaders in view of the negotiations for the new climate agreement that will take place in the context of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. World Meteorological Organization Secretary General, Michel Jarraud proposes that Climate Science can give us the cold facts, but Climate Action is something that nations and individuals need to take.

Have the first “climate refugees” just landed?

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By Joe Lowry

I live with someone whose country no longer exists. My wife was born in the Soviet Union, in what is now the Republic of Belarus. The culture she was brought up in as a child, the festivals, the education, the products, like the USSR itself, exist only in books, films and memories. But the land, the land is still there. The people still tell their stories, sing their songs, grow their crops, raise their families.

Migration Should be at the Epicentre of the Post-2015 Development Agenda

Wed, 08/06/2014 - 11:50 -- admin

By Richard Ots

With the fall of the curtain on the current United Nations Millenium Development Goals imminent and looming large on the horizon, the international community will be engaging in robust and intense conversations to determine the content, size and direction of the post-2015 Development  Agenda.

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