2014 Humanitarian Hero Rentsendorj Oyunbileg

POSITION: Programme officer

“I love to be an officer of IOM, because part of my job focuses on humanitarian activities.”

As an officer for IOM, Rentsendorj provides support to the National Emergency Management Agency and the Humanitarian Country Team in order to help better prepare for disasters. She provides training on camp coordination and management, and spreads information on the topics.

For her, one of the more difficult parts of the job is to predict the real needs of people in these crises and to raise the appropriate funding. But when she sees people who have come through the disaster and have been saved, the rewards are worth the hard work.

Achieving the commitment of government partners to learn the most possible about the field and its needs has also been a rewarding outcome for Rentsendorj. For her, to be a humanitarian means to protect human rights. Though she says it is a good feeling to provide support to others as an individual, to act as a humanitarian is a different and inspiring feeling.