32 thousand migrants have left Italy in 2011

32 thousand migrants have left Italy in 2011: 87 million Euros less in tax revenues

Presented in Milan, the data of the "Report on the Economy of Immigration in Italy 2013," published by the Moressa Foundation and sponsored by IOM Rome.

In Italy, there are 2.3 million migrant workers which represent 10.1 % of the workforce, contribute for over 12% of Italian GDP, and count up to the 8.3 % of total taxpayers. Their income declaration notify 43.6 billion euros to the National Revenue and they pay 6.5 billion Euros in income taxes. Their unemployment rate (14.1%) had an increase of about 5.6 percentage points from 2008 to 2011.

These are some of the figures included in the " 2013 Italian Annual Report of Immigration Economy " edited by the Foundation Leone Moressa patronised by IOM Rome and Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and dedicated this year to the theme "Between migration patterns and economic behaviour '.

"We have decided for the third time to offer our patronage and our support to the Report of the Moressa Foundation," says José Angel Oropeza, Director of the IOM Coordination Office for the Mediterranean, " as we are convinced that the collection of statistical data is the basis of every action and strategic policy to manage migration properly. The role of migrants in the Italian economy is crucial, but it is a contribution that unfortunately does not always receive adequate recognition: it is a fact often overlooked by the media, and consequently often ignored by the public opinion. The Report is a useful and necessary work for all those dealing with this issue. "

The report was presented a few days ago at the University of Milan. The meeting - presented by Dr. Valeria Benvenuti for the Moressa Foundation and moderated by Francesca Padula of "Il Sole 24 Ore" ,- was also attended by Cécile Kyenge, Minister for Integration, Natale Forlani, Ministry of Labour General Director for Immigration, Stefano Solari, scientific Director of the Leone Moressa Foundation and Professor of Economics at the University of Padua, Basilio Toth, of the General Directorate for Globalization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paolo Petracca, President of ACLI Milan, Andrea Stuppini, Representative of the national Technical Committee of the Regions on immigration, Maddalena Colombo, of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, and Ugo Melchionda, Labor Migration expert at the IOM Rome.

The debate highlighted that the Italian state treasury has been deprived of 87 million Euros in income tax as a result of the decision of 32 thousand migrants to leave the country in 2011.

The report analyzes the most recent effects of the economic crisis in Italy, which is slowly changing the balance between Italian and foreign occupation, showing that the Italians are becoming more and more willing to seek jobs that have long been the exclusive prerogative of migrants. Especially in the last year, there has been a greater influx of Italians among workers involved in the cleaning of buildings, unqualified personnel working in mines and quarries, plant operators for the manufacture of paper, street vendors, glass blowers and potters and unqualified personnel involved in animal care.

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