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The implementation of SharePoint as the platform to manage the Organzation’s information and content assets also provides an opportunity to improve our online collaboration capabilities.  In line with this, SharePoint collaboration spaces have been introduced to promote such information sharing and collaboration among members of common-interest groups within the Organization, such as thematic groups or projects. These spaces may be accessible from the Intranet and allows authorized members of the space to do any or all of the following:

  • Store and access content (documents, photos, videos) of interest to the group
  • Allow multiple users to work simultaneously on a document 
  • Facilitate discussions in a forum
  • Enter relevant events into the calendar
  • Assign tasks to members of the group and monitor task progress

The following is a sample list of existing collaboration spaces. Should you wish to access any of these, please access the relevant links and put in a request to access the site/s:

Thematic Groups

Site Site Link
Migrant Assistance (MAD) https://intranetportal/iom/MAD
M&E https://intranetportal/iom/ME
ITC https://intranetportal/iom/ITC
Media & Communications https://intranetportal/iom/media-comms
Presentations & Speeches https://intranetportal/iom/presentations


Project Groups

Site Site Link
Humanitarian Policy https://intranetportal/iom/MAD
Ebola https://iomebolateam.iom.net
IOM Project Handbook Revision https://intranetportal/iom/pdi-handbook
PRIMA https://intranetportal/itc/ITCProjects/PRIMA
PRISM https://intranetportal/itc/ITCProjects/PRISM
If you would like to have a collaboration space created for your thematic group, please download the form from this link, fill it in and send it to IM@iom.int.​