Farewell, and Welcome!

Ms. Abibatou Wane, former IOM Zambia Chief of Mission (October 2014–August 2017)Farewell!

IOM Zambia takes this opportunity to bid farewell to Ms. Abibatou Wane, who served as Chief of Mission at IOM Zambia from October 2014 to August 2017. We extend sincere gratitude to Ms. Wane for all that she did to strengthen the IOM Zambia mission during her tenure. We wish Ms. Wane all the best as she takes up her new post as Chief of Mission with IOM Burkina Faso.

Pictured at left: Ms. Abibatou Wane, former IOM Zambia Chief of Mission (October 2014–August 2017)







The IOM team in Zambia wishes to congratulate Ms. Marianne Eleanor Lane on her appointment as incoming Chief of Mission for IOM Zambia. Ms. Lane joined IOM in 2007. She rose through various programme portfolios in Zambia, including regional programmes in Southern Africa, culminating in her appointment as Chief of Mission in September 2017.

Ms. Lane brings over 20 years of experience in social and development work, including in the public and NGO sectors, before joining IOM, involving work in the areas of social welfare, protection, education and migration management in Europe and southern Africa.

During her time at IOM, Ms. Lane has worked closely with various government ministries and departments, the UN system and civil society partners to support the Government of Zambia and COMESA’s migration management work.

Ms. Lane has a Master’s Degree in International Politics, a Bachelor of Arts in Geography, as well as certification in International Migration Law and Child Protection.

Pictured above: His Excellency, the President of Zambia, Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu and Ms. Marianne Lane, IOM Zambia Chief of Mission (since December 2017).